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By being in operation since 1988, 1 & 1 has established itself as one of the most trusted and recognized names in website creation, hosting and domain registration. It has become one of the top elite global web hosting service providers with over 10.5 million customers and is presently handling 11 million domains on around 55,000 different servers across the world. With a support to numerous click and build apps and unlimited bandwidth, 1&1 can be the most suitable host for your website if your priority is security and unlimited features.

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Hosting Plans:

As 1&1 is hosting numerous users for over 2 decades, it has well understood that different users have different requirements, and thus instead of relying on a specific plan it offers different hosting plans. Overall, there are 4 Linux based shared hosting plans namely, Starter Plan, Standard Plan, 1&1 unlimited plan and 1&1 Business Plan. You can also opt for Windows based hosting as well.

Though first two plans limit the bandwidth and disk space but the rest two offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, what you get includes 50 FTP accounts and support for over 500 e-mail accounts that come connected with your domain and allow you to truly expand your web domain as a functioning business. However, this does not implies if you have more advanced requisites for VPS (virtual Private Servers) and fully dedicated hosting, these would not be satisfied by 1&1 . In fact, these advanced hosting plans come integrated with dozens of lucrative features choice for selecting the server with your preferred operating system - Windows or Linux, some extra software programs and scripts on to your site. Moreover, 99.9% uptime is guaranteed with all the plans along with free marketing credits worth over $200, search engine optimization support and website building tools.

Pricing Concerns:

If you are looking for a smaller hosting plan that starts from the most nominal price, then the beginner hosting plans starting at just $1.99 a month would suit you the best. It provides you all the necessary tools that you will ever need for a small business or a standard personal website. But you get the liberty upgrade your basic plan to 1 & 1's business shared hosting packages anytime to enjoy a broader range of wonderful features and free bonus options like free private domain registration and Adobe Dreamweaver.

1 & 1's advanced shared plan starts at $4.99 per month and what you get in lieu of the extra cost is exceptional quality, excellent features, wonderful support and exceedingly high security. The VPS and dedicated server hosting plans offered by 1 & 1 are seemingly feature rich and include much more power & resources, but yes, since these are the premium options there price is certainly on the higher side. However, this price is more than justified by the access that these plans give to their customers in the form of a part of or an entire server.

Customer Support:

It is a widely known fact that 1&1 offers global service and has its presence in various countries. But, a fact worth noticing is that you'll find technical support contacts individually in each country where 1&1 provides its services. In US, you'll get US based email and contact numbers, while in UK you'll have an access to UK based contact numbers and e-mail addresses. All the phone support numbers are operational 24 X7, also you can look out for chat and email support any time. Apart from these, customers also get the facility of getting help right on their computer through Netviewer's virtual access. If you believe in learning on your own, you can take help from a comprehensive list of FAQs placed on their website. The active Facebook and Twitter accounts are also an effective medium to reach for help with 1&1. Moreover, there's also a YouTube channel operated by the company that places videos time to time.


Though 1&1 makes no solid claims of giving 100 percent uptime guarantee to its web hosting customers but like many of its counterparts 1 & 1 also starts with 99.9% uptime guarantee to keep you assured that your website will always stay accessible to your visitors. However, all the data is stored at two different physical locations, so if one goes down, the other server takes over, keeping your site up always. 1&1 has data centres throughout the US and Europe. There are more than 70,000 servers set up throughout US and Europe. 1&1 also gives its customers the privilege of having a mobile app, which allows its customers to check the status of their web host servers anytime.

Ease of Use:

When all other web hosting service providers are competing to make their cPanel as easy to use as possible, the other companies, it was surprising to find out that there was no cPanel in the 1&1's hosting package. They use WebSpace Explorer - a graphical tool, which is not just powerful but much simpler or easier to the users. It is amazingly intuitive in most of its functions like managing and uploading files, checking e-mails and managing your domain.

Bottom Line

Though 1&1 may not be the cheapest web hosting company but it offers well-rounded packages which are worth spending a little extra money. It is particularly notable for the security, customer support and uptime that it offers. You find out that 1 & 1 gives you flexibility and road to grow which many smaller web hosting companies fail to provide. However, advanced users may find limitations on databases and e-commerce tools.


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