Story of Internet – How It is evolved?

Internet has appeared in our world like a storm and so un-revoked, that life without it has become almost impossible for millions of us? Who has guessed that this term internet would surface at all, and it will now always remain in our life in the future too. Read more

What Makes Google’s HTTPS A Best Choice For Secure Websites ?

Security for Website has always been a constant effort For Google, and this what it wish to achieve with its Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The new development entails Google to prefer ranking of those sites in search engine passed through HTTPS. This means, data is transferred in a simple plain text but encrypted in a way that it becomes quite a difficult task to steal or interpret it. For the web hosting providers and cloud developers, their platform has now become more secure way to host a website as now they can provide a lot more secure products and services. Read more

Learn How to Make Your Own Online Store

In this internet world of today if you are an entrepreneur and wish to have your own online store there are several options for you to establish your own online store. Several free tools and cheap web hosting sites are available online that can help you sell your products from your own online store. Read more

How to Host Pages on Google Drive

For people looking for solutions related to hosting, Google has come up with some of the better solutions. Now you can host your own website on Google Drive.

With an added feature in Drive Google has made hosting websites easy like never before. Now, one can easily upload the web content from within the user’s drive folder and on to the ones that runs on JavaScript. You just need to upload your HTML files along with the images and all necessary uploads that you want to have in your website and can make them public.

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What to Look For While Choosing the Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

If you are initiate or move a WordPress blog, and looking for the best WordPress web hosting providers here we have a quick guide for you.

Picking up the best host for WordPress web hosting can be helpful in building a good amount of reader’s base and it also makes the blogs worth reading. The blogging can be also a fun if you have quality blog developed by a professional WordPress web hosting providers.

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Steps for Choosing an Ideal Web Hosting Company

Web hosting is similar to real-estate wherein you need to create a server space if you want to build a website to store files and bandwidth to access the website efficiently. For an uninterrupted access, it is imperative to choose a reliable web hosting company that can serve best in all ways. However, remember, it is not an easy task to choose a web hosting company, and you need to put sufficient efforts to finally identify a service provider who is renowned and reliable. The packages they offer must also be reasonable and beneficial to the website owners. Read more

How to Make Your Website Hacker – Proof

Hacking innocent websites is what hackers do in order to spread malware among website visitor, attract them to visit dodgy sites, as well as hack databases for getting confidential information of customers. However, it is easy to avoid such trouble and even eliminate it completely with a few simple and easy steps. Read more

Provide Value To Your Business With Managed Dedicated Servers

Right after choosing a proper dedicated server hosting for your business, bidding on the best managed server turns out to be a necessity. In order to enjoy the best from your business you have to ensure that the managed dedicated server that you have chosen offers ample solutions in managing your hardware and operating system on the go. In fact, you can jolly well avail 24X7 support, from these managed servers which in turn lets you enjoy the best from business. Read more