How to Host Pages on Google Drive

For people looking for solutions related to hosting, Google has come up with some of the better solutions. Now you can host your own website on Google Drive.

With an added feature in Drive Google has made hosting websites easy like never before. Now, one can easily upload the web content from within the user’s drive folder and on to the ones that runs on JavaScript. You just need to upload your HTML files along with the images and all necessary uploads that you want to have in your website and can make them public.

With the help of a “webViewLink” code the user needs to attach the link to the files which are saved in the folders before making it public. In case you have no index.html file in the folder the drive itself shall display the complete list of the content of that particular folder.

Steps in hosting the pages on Google Drive:

Step #1: Preparing Files

A. Create a public folder on the Drive and include an .html file in it

B. In case you need to have images on the site you must write your website’s HTML codes and create the CSS style sheet as well as the JavaScript.

C. If your website has some of the complicated contents of graphics involved you may need to organize the files in CSS and JavaScript

Step #2: Adding Website to the Google Drive

As such there are 2 methods of adding the website to the drive as stated by the Google developers; if the user is using from the desktop version of Google Drive they may require moving the site folder into your Drive’s folder.

Step #3: Making the website’s folder public

A.  After moving the details into the website’s folder in the Google Drive there is the publishing part which remains to be done. Click on the share button as shown below.

B.  You may find these options after sharing, click on the change sharing details, as shown below.

C. Change the visibility of the Drive to Public.

Step #4: Get Your Website URL

After making the website published and shared with public not to forget getting the URL of your website, which shall look somewhat like this.

Advantages of hosting pages on Google drive:

A.  A very handy process and helpful for them who do not want to have their own hosting and get into much of the technical terminologies.

B. Users can also publish the pictures and videos on the drives which can be made live.
Several other files can also be sent live such as the resume, personal start page, a picture gallery etc.

C. No bandwidth or any such limitations on the drives as such but it is advised to have a watch on the discussions on the Stack Overflow