Learn How to Make Your Own Online Store

In this internet world of today if you are an entrepreneur and wish to have your own online store there are several options for you to establish your own online store. Several free tools and cheap web hosting sites are available online that can help you sell your products from your own online store.

Why having your own online store

With plenty of options such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many more the question arises is why to have your own online store. With these options existing there are several websites emerging in bulk every day. Why? The answer is it to have the freedom of selling your own products. You can have your control over the products, its pricing and presentation. This is a sensible idea of doing business and can be a lot effective in terms of cost as well as your reputation.

Things that you need to make you own Online Store

•  A domain name which can cost you around $10 a year, advisable to register a few more domain names that resembles our business name
•  A web hosting source, which can cost you approx $80 a year, make sure the host offer ‘C Panel’ or if you are preferring a Windows-based server then check the availability of the Ensim Power Tools with the host. These are the essential tools especially for the third party scripts used for payments in the Online Store.
•  A dedicated IP address, which can cost you $3/month
•  A shopping cart script which you can avail easily free of cost from internet
•  A Trustable payment Gateway (PayPal, Visa, etc)

After having all these needed things to start off your own online store you now need to get into the process of setting up the website. The shopping cart script then needs to be installed in the website as it is the base of your entire website.

After installing the shopping cart script the website has to be customized as per your preferences, and interest level. Changing the size of the images and the logo to be put on the products you are willing to sell. Categorizing the Product is also an important key in order to have the proper user experience, this can be very much helpful in increasing the traffic of your website and you can also have a good amount of conversions as well. The maintenance of the website is also a major key to look after, as there are high chances of hacking and such attacks attempted on your online site.

Having a website of own that gets your revenue manifold can be a thing of pleasure. So if you are looking to create an Online store of your own then you must use the tips and ideas given and you can have your own system of maintaining the sales and have the freedom of judging the prices and several other factors related to your business.