What Makes Google’s HTTPS A Best Choice For Secure Websites ?

Security for Website has always been a constant effort For Google, and this what it wish to achieve with its Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The new development entails Google to prefer ranking of those sites in search engine passed through HTTPS. This means, data is transferred in a simple plain text but encrypted in a way that it becomes quite a difficult task to steal or interpret it. For the web hosting providers and cloud developers, their platform has now become more secure way to host a website as now they can provide a lot more secure products and services.

HTTPS is going to turn the tables of the cyber thefts and make owners of the e-commerce websites and shopping carts provide their services in a much safe environment.   Even for the non -commerce websites it is the best way as any information including private accounts passed will be secured. The websites will also remain secure from any spamming or malicious ways of stealing and will keep the reputation of your company secure.

To make it short, using HTTPS means to operate In a Safe and Well Protected Environment, and can keep your information safe online. Now Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Gov.uk are using HTTPS.

Benefits of HTTPS are no wonder great but there are certain limitations and hurdles to in the use of SSL certificate. With this certificate available at the different fee levels, there is also a small fee associated with the website. Now very simple way to gain an SSL certificate is through website hosting company. They can provide SSL certificate at very reasonable rates. Another recommendation is to have a firewall attached to the SSL certificate and to follow the dedicated server over shared server. The certificate will sure protect your users’ login information if you run an e-commerce site.

The question that can erupt in the mind of many is HTTPS so important. Yes, Google has made this amply clear. It is now making a ranking factor a strong point for popularity of a website and made it so compulsory for any website to use HTTPS to get ranked.

Here Google should care how the way HTTPS is being adopted. We could not also say that HTTPS is perfect; as speculations are there that is also depends on the type and a kind of website. In most of the cases, it is suggested that having SSL certificates are enough as the same provides an additional layer of security. Secondly, you should keep in point the security of the server where the data is being sent, and in this case, HTTPS can also not provide help. But efforts are going on to overcome this issue too.

Using the HTTPS site has always been an effective approach for any website, where the user submits information, life credit card details, or any other information of great sensitive in nature. Using this service for all the websites ensures that any information used is encrypted, and that’s not going to harm the website owner or a visitor in any form. If a website is still using old HTTP Google will not penalize it but, of course, will prefer to rank those sites who uses HTTPS.