Story of Internet – How It is evolved?

Internet has appeared in our world like a storm and so un-revoked, that life without it has become almost impossible for millions of us? Who has guessed that this term internet would surface at all, and it will now always remain in our life in the future too.

history of internet

So let us give a few minutes to trace its story from its evaluation to its development, beginning and into the stage it is now.

Birth of the Internet;   Internet was born in 1962 as a brain work of J.C.R. Licklider of MIT. It was Galactic Network that connected only few computers and access many programs and data irrespective of the location of the computer.

Evolution;   In 1965 Leonard Kleinrock and Lawrence G Roberts initiated this idea and increased the feasibility of such an invention. They have successfully been able to link two computers from Massachusetts to California through the dial-up telephone line which was of very low speed.

Development; In 1968, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, used this technology for the defense purpose under project ARPANET. They expanded its technological limits and architectural designs like Interface Message Processors (IMP)

Inception: Once the computer was connected to the node at UCLA in 1969, the Standard Research Institute connected the same with the host to host messages. Besides the incorporation of two nodes, which is concerned with the application visualization projects, four host computers were connected to ARPANET.

As more computers were incorporated to the network, utilization and function, there were further scope for improvement. Software continues to develop, and Network Control Protocol (NCP) added. All this necessitated for more additions of the applications. During 1972, the network saw yet another most valuable addition, and that was electronic mail.

Soon scope and work of ARPANET expanded as it incorporated many other separate networks through a process known as Internet working Architecture. The process was particularly designed on a unique interface and known as interne ting. Throughout late 70’s and 80’s saw the vast development of Local Area Networks and along with it PCs and workstations also evolved. As the internet continued to grow, certain management issues erupted like in-sufficiency in router, but soon these issues were resolved. With it Domain name system (DNS) was constituted that made the task easy.

Eventually, internet connected the world as one global village and there expanded a complete new scope for exchanging and transfer of the data and ideas. People were openly transmitting their messages and ideas very quickly and free of cost. It also developed a strong inter-community relationship across the globe.

Now it has gained momentum as a great commercialized venue too, as more browsers, search engines.

And advancement in technological programs increased the scope of businesses to expand their businesses globally.

This is a story of internet, which has evolved itself through just four computers to connect the world and became a most valuable global platform.