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What is Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting, as the name suggests, is a type of hosting where you get an entire server for your website. You get complete access to its resources, be it hardware or software. While in other types of hosting, the same server serves as host to more than one websites. Dedicated hosting is better than other types of hosting as you get full bandwidth, scalable disk space and above all, the data is secure as the server is used only by one website.

You are the In-charge with Dedicated Hosting

  • By opting for a dedicated hosting, you become the in-charge of the entire resources of the server and also you get the flexibility of specifying your particular hardware requirements. Though VPS is a service which is comparable to dedicated hosting to some extent. With VPS, it seems like the entire server is at your service but it only happens virtually. Physically the server is divided among a set of websites but virtually this division is not evident. However, VPS hosting assures you that you get equal resources like the other websites but the physical splitting of resources is not always equal. So, if you are looking for an entire server and you host a large website with huge number of visitors, you must always opt for dedicated hosting. The most prominent advantage of dedicated hosting is that you always get optimized access to the memory and processor of the server. You can upgrade the hardware of the server as per your requisites. For example, if you increase the number of processors, your server's performance will increase manifold and thus, your website will be able to perform better.
  • There are many other benefits too, like you can easily manage the reliability and performance of the server. Even, you can define your security policies and can save your server from the only potential threat, that is, malicious hackers attack. If any issue arises, you have the access to the server's root control panel and you can sort out some of the issues as soon as they occur, this implies that, you do not have to depend on the customer support team for each and every issue.

Root Access to the Server

Out of shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services, only the dedicated hosting gives its subscribers the root access go the server. Though you get root access with VPS hosting as well, but in reality, the root access is only to the virtual server and not the actual one. The advantage of root access is you can configure your server stringently as per your requisites and you get the flexibility of controlling it completely. This implies that any sort of website can be hosted through the server and you can install any application on the server that suits your needs.

Two important aspects that also depend on root access to a great extent are reliability and security. Sometimes, an unexpected resource overload may occurs on the server but with root access you can set the notification system and can receive notifications about any such events. This helps in maintaining the website's reliability and such alerts help you to respond appropriately to any potential issue. Similarly, when it comes to the security of website and data, no web hosting can ever compete with dedicated hosting. You can set up the firewalls define authentication processes, and if your server is powered by Linux based operating system you can configure IP Tables and other features to ensure complete security of the data.

Customer Support

Since dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of hosting, you get a lot of features and add-ons to justify the extra cost. One such feature is top-tier customer support. Dedicated hosting customers are the primary subscribers of any hosting company and thus, they are offered top-notch services on every aspect.

Dedicated hosting customers always get priority and it makes the real difference when you are experiencing any problems with your website.

Overall, dedicated hosting is the perfect hosting for all those webmasters who have complex websites with a high influx of visitors. Dedicated hosting servers can be easily customized, are highly reliable and much secure than any other hosting. The only issue that you may face with dedicated hosting, that you require an experienced IT personnel to utilize all the features and benefits associated with dedicated hosting.

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