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The services offered by Dreamhost.com are widely accredited for offering world class web hosting services since 1997. The company has provided its clients with everything that can help their businesses flourish to the most. The bonus of offering back up space of 50 GB is one of the stars in the list of star studded attributes of this web hosting company which surely is their most commendable aspect. Dreamhost boasts perhaps the most steadfast and loyal customer base and many of their customers have risen to defend Dreamhost in its difficult times. Such features of their web hosting services make it worth considering when you are looking for a new and reliable web host.

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Hosting Plans:

At present, Dreamhost is offering four different shared hosting plans, considering the needs of different types of customers. Though, majority of features on these plans are same and the features that differentiate these plans are the disk space & bandwidth. But, if we closely observe, their basic plan possesses more than enough disk space and bandwidth even for the most demanding websites. So, we'll concentrate on that plan in this review.

They offer about 200 GBs of disk space and 2000 GB of Bandwidth in their most basic plan. Interestingly, Dreamhost keeps on increasing the disk space and bandwidth every week and calls it a sort of "loyalty bonus" for its customers. However, the increase is just 1GB a week for disk space and 16 GB a week for bandwidth but it is sufficient to satisfy its customers.

The other features on their shared web hosting plan include free domain name registration, unlimited number of sub-domains, domain WHOIS privacy, unlimited MySQL databases and 3000 e-mail accounts. You also get a powerful cPanel and above all, a 97 days money back guarantee. If you are looking for something more than shared hosting, then you can opt for Dreamhost's VPS plan which gives you better control and high security.

Pricing Concerns:

If you were amazed to see the hosting package features and have already decided to go with Dreamhost, you'll be surprised to know that this company offers an astonishing value for money. It charges around $6 per month for the first year and after that also the package price does not exceeds $9 per month. Even if you plan to upgrade your shared hosting package to the VPS one, you would not have to shed over $15 per montb for the upfgraded plan as well. So, Dreamhost not only offers an exciting array of features but the tock bottom prices as well.

Customer Support:

Dreamhost offers an interesting customer support options where you'll get 24X 7 customer & technical support via email through ticketing system but the replies were not always prompt. Some of the queries were answered by them within the committed time of 12 hours but few of the queries took a little longer and in one of the queries they even took 36 hours to reply. Nevertheless, the replies were appropriate, supportive and helped to sort out the issues but the only problem we observed was with their turnaround time.

However, if you hail from US and opt for a higher plan, you get a certain number of support "call-backs" each month. Whenever, you face some issue, you can report it and you'll receive a prompt call back to sort out the issue. Apart from these, Dreamhost maintains a customer support forum and a wiki account which can be used by customers to derive useful information and they can avoid the hassle of calling the customer support centre.


Reliability and uptime guarantee are probably the most significant aspects that customers consider before investing in a particular web hosting company. Dreamhost secures good score on this aspect as well, as it offers a guarantee of 100% uptime. Like other companies, Dreamhost may also face some issues from time to time, but otherwise it delivers what it promises when it comes to uptime guarantee. Their commitment of 50GB of data backup is also an interesting feature that adds to their reliability. They also inform their customers about the planned outages, upgrades and server maintenance in advance through their blog to avoid any issues.

Ease of Use:

Usually the web hosting companies offer a commercial cPanel which is fairly easy to use but Dreamhost offers a custom designed admin panel, which may appear like a bit of a culture shock to the customers who switch to Dreamhost from other hosting providers. But, when they start getting accustomed to it, they realize that extensive functionality and the ease of use which it offers exceeds cPanel's simplicity and easy to use interface. Apart from this, Dreamhost also offers scripting support for a wide range of programming languages.

Bottom Line:

Overall, the shared web hosting plans from Dreamhost offer outstanding value for money and quite good service. But there have been reports of planned and unplanned outages which leave the hosted sites inaccessible for some time. So, if you can ignore this fact, than Dreamhost is the perfect hosting partner for you.


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