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After providing ISP services for four years, EasyCGI took plunge into web hosting scenario and started offering world-class web hosting services in 1998. Today, EasyCGI is one of the most renowned and consistent web hosting providers, and is serving more than half a million sites all over the world. EasyCGI is one of the most preffered web hosting companies for small businesses and certainly needs your consideration, especially if you are looking for a Windows OS based web host for your website.

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Hosting Plans:

The customers get to choose from two basic plans offered by CGI - shared hosting and VPS hosting plans. At a monthly price of approx $8, users get ample amount of disk space of 750 GB and a bandwidth of 7500 GB per month. As far as programming language support is concerned, you'll be amazed to know that you get support on various programming languages including ASP.NET, SSI, PERL, AJAX, PHP and many more. Users also get access to dozens of blogging tool but the most surprising feature is its 30 days money back guarantee. Thus, customers get plenty of time to test the services offered by the company.

VPS hosting plans are priced a bit higher and you would have to pay around $40 per month for this type of advanced hosting. OS that is used for VPS hosting is Linux Debian and customers get support for a verity of programming languages. The disk space and bandwidth are unlimited and there are numerous resources that help users to successfully host unlimited domains through this hosting plan. Not to mention, they also enjoy high levels to security.

Pricing Concerns:

If we compare the prices for both shared and VPS hosting plans with the other hosting providers, they seem to be on a bit higher side. However, they offer an equivalent value for money. EasyCGI justifies its high prices by giving its customers high reliability and numerous features that help them to maintain successful online presence. If you feel the need for more bandwidth and disk space, you can easily upgrade your shared hosting plans.

Customer Support:

Customer support at EasyCGI is easy to access. They operate from all the general customer support channels and you can access them through e-mail, phone or live chat whichever suits you the most. The response time is also quiet fast with EasyCGI's customer support. If you believe in learning by doing, you can find extensive support on their website in the form of several informative tutorials and FAQs. To provide much detailed help, EasyCGI also offers video tutorials which guide users through every technical aspect related to web hosting and your account management.


EasyCGI gives an uptime guarantee of 99.9% to its customers which make it a reliable web hosting company. Their data centers are located in NEw York and they acquire an area of 1500 sq. ft with their high-end servers. EasyCGI uses servers powered by up to the minute technology and possess updated & advanced software, to enhance your web hosting experience. One of the renowned companies that uses EasyCGi's web hosting services is Cisco. So, you can completely rely on EasyCGI for a stable connectivity, great performance. tight security and high speed. They use redundant servers to ensure that your site stays accessible all the time, even if one server goes down due to any reason, other one takes over, keeping the site unaffected.

Ease of Use:

Control panel offered by any web hosting company is a very important aspect of hosting package as it lets the user to manage their account and other hosting related features without any hassle. EasyCGI has also given due importance to this aspect of their hosting package and offer a customized cPanel to their customers which is very simple to understand and easy to use.

Bottom Line:

EasyCGI provides a great environment for both seasoned webmasters and amateurs to host their websites ranging from simple blogs to complex sites at an affordable price and attractive features. They do not attract clients by advertising over-promising offers and always serve their clients with what they have promised. By and large, with the support of latest technology and a good customer support team, EasyCGI can provide you with everything that one needs from a good web hosting company.


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