1. What is web hosting?

As you understand, website is nothing but a set of data and information arranged in an easily navigable format. But before anyone can view your website, you have to make it accessible to the people. Web hosting is a process in which a company helps you by providing disk space on their servers which are accessible to people all over the world in lieu of some money. By paying to your web hosting provider, you basically buy some space on their servers which can house your website and make it reachable through internet.

2. What is a domain name?

Every website which is hosted has a basic mandatory requirement, that it must have some name with which people can identify it and this is referred to as the domain name, for example "abc.com" or "xyz.net". But on internet, there are some rules to name the website. the domain name has to be segregated into two parts. The first part is the name of the website or the business and the other part is a top level domain name which dictates the type of websites. For example in "abc.com", abc is the first part of domain name and com is the top level domain name. The second part aids people to understand the nature of website, like .com refers to a commercial website, .edu refers to an educational website, .gov refers to a government website etc.

3. What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred by a website in a month. When people access a website from their browser, the pages of website get downloaded temporarily on their computer systems. The amount of data that gets downloaded contributes to the bandwidth usage of that website. So, if there is a small website which is visited by very few people, its bandwidth requirement will be very small as compared to a large website that is viewed by a large number of people globally.

4. How much disk space do you need for your website?

Every page of a website is composed by some data and graphics, thus, acquires a certain amount of disk space depending on its size of the server on which the website is hosted. If your website is content oriented it will acquire lesser space but if it contains more graphics or pictures, it would require more disk space. So, depending on the content of your website and its future needs, you can evaluate your disk space requisites for hosting.

5. How does paid web hosting works?

Paid web hosting simply refers to the paying a fixed or variable fee for hosting your website on the web hosting company's server. Now, you get different options for hosting. First of these is "Shared Hosting", where your website shares the server with many other websites. It is relatively cheaper but you get limited resources. However, if your disk space & bandwidth requisites are not very high and you are looking for an affordable hosting plan, this one is the most apt hosting for your website. Then is "Dedicated Hosting" which gives you complete access to a server's resources. This means, you get an entire server leased for housing only your website. It gives you entire resources of the server, high bandwidth and much higher security. Of course, this type of hosting is the most expensive one and is perfectly suitable for complex websites that attract very high amount of internet traffic. The last type of hosting is VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) where you virtually get an entire server but which is physically shared by multiple websites. However, it gives benefits like dedicated hosting but is much cost efficient than it.

6. How much web hosting costs?

Well, it completely depends on the type of hosting you are choosing and the additional features you want to be included in your hosting package. While shared hosting is the cheapest, the dedicated hosting is most expensive of all types of hosting. VPS is cheaper than dedicated one but costs more than the shared hosting packages. Then it depends on the fact that whether you are getting limited resources or the unlimited ones. You may have to pay anything between $3 - $15 on the basis of package, features and add-ons included in it.

7. Which hosting company is the best one?

There is nothing like "one size fits all" when it comes to web hosting. Every website and webmaster have their own set of specific requisites and the plan that satisfies all those requisites at the lowest possible price is the best one for it. To help you, we have made a list of some of the top web hosting providers, and you can find out the best plan and hosting company that fits into your specifications.

However, there are some important factors to consider like monthly bandwidth and disk space. If these are unlimited, nothing like that. Another imperative point is inclusion of SSL in your package, especially for the customers who want hosting for their e-commerce sites. Similarly, checking out how many programming language support does the plan gives and whether it offers flexibility in terms of operating system selection are also significant factors.

You can also compare the plans on the basis of reliability, ease of use, uptime guarantee and customer support team's responsiveness.

8. What to do after selecting a web hosting provider?

After selecting the right web hosting provider for you, go ahead and open an account with the plan which perfectly suits your needs. But if you are still having any confusion regarding which plan is appropriate for your website, you can take help from the web hosting company's customer support team as well. They will analyse your requisites and web site's specifications, and will suggest the plan that is most suitable for your requirements. They will also help you with the registration process too.

It is important to know that most of the companies charge their customers on the monthly basis using their credit card information. But, often there are some discounts and offers going on that can help you save some money. When you get struck with some issue, you can access their website and access the tutorials to sort out the problem. Apart from these, you get many additional features and pre-designed templates with which you can easily use to build an attractive and navigable website. You get your domain name within few time after signing up with the web hosting company but it may take some time to become active on world wide web.

9. What if I do not find answer to my query here ?

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