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Greengeeks have set themselves a unique platform due to their sheer dedication to the environment they facilitate. They have long been known to be one of the most reliable of web hosting service providers and an excellent stop for businesses looking for service commitment and a well guided customer service approach. Greengeeks is popular for its green energy – all their servers being 300% wind powered. With zero carbon foot print, working with Greengeeks is actually contributing a lot to the demanding environmental cause. Apart from these advantages, Greengeeks has made a name for guaranteed 99.9% uptime, tons of other features and even a 30 day money back guarantee if you find their service inadequate.

Greengeeks come with several hosting plans, some even customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. The basic features in all the plans include unlimited server space, unlimited domains for life, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL databases, free site migration and others.

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Customers have always loved Greengeek’s transparent pricing. There are no hidden costs with their plans. This gets even easier with single hosting plan and customized features. The only plan starts at $4.95 every month but when you look at the range of features you get alongside, the investment is worth more! The bonus features include a unique free domain for a lifetime. This is something that not all hosting service providers would offer. Further you get started credits, free templates and website builders to launch yu in the internet space instantly. Further just knowing that you are contributing to the cause of going green is itself something to be proud to be associated with.


Greengeeks has been known to be quite customer friendly and has always worked hard to ensure that no fingers could be pointed at their reliability quotient. These people have always been dependable as some customers say and they do stand up to their guarantee of 99.9% uptime. With datacenters all across US and all using state of the art technology, businesses can depend on them. Every server center of Greengeeks is on raised floors with UPS, 24x7 generators, security and constant monitoring to keep customer data secure and safe. An added advantage with the equipment and technology they use is Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon Processors with Large RAID 10 Storage Arrays.

Control Panel Management:

Most of the hosting service providers today have come up with Cpanel access for customers, but with Greengeeks, it is a step further. Cpanel has always been regarded as one of the best web hosting control panel that offers an intuitive interface and making it easier for webmasters to update, make changes and modify email, hosting and other hosting accounts. Greengeeks make it even more feature rich such that every management tool comes at a single central space and even new businesses won’t have troule understanding the workings.

Customer Care:

Greengeeks has always delivered with customer care support. All of the experts on the other end of the telephone are trained technicians and have many years of experience in working in support centers across America. This is one of the few companies that don’t outsource its service representatives and customers can thus expect genuine and certified support. Their service center is open 24x7 and 365 days a year and one can reach them via telephone, email and live chat conversations. Further, they have free available resources on their online library and this could be of good help. Video tutorials and knowledge based articles can help customers who want to learn more about their hosting management. Greengeeks is also available in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and this seems to be a transparent platform to know the company better. Their live chat service too is instantaneous.

Ease of Usage:

A good customer support is well complimented if the interface itself is easy to use. Greengeeks industry standard of Cpanel system ensures that there is no inherently complicated management interface. Easy familiarity with the hosting interface allows ease of pressure on the customer support and customers are able to sort out the necessities by themselves. Even new customers and businesses have found Greengeeks Cpanel interface quite easy ad with easy option to move files, upload, domain setup, script additions and more.

Overall, Greengeeks is one of a kind of company that customers have been relying upon for more than decades now. With futuristic web hosting tools and support, this is a company that has delivered the concept of green living. An eco friendly design and service, customers of Greengeeks can pride themselves of contributing a lot to the rising cause in these times. Affordable and feature rich, Greengeeks is worth the investment. The service has never been hiking up the price, but thorough competition through effective service, support and engagement.


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