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HostHero is relatively newer company in the web hosting arena but certainly a powerful competitor for already established web hosting companies. It is evolving as a leader in cost effective cloud hosting services. HostHero's objective is to provide user-friendly, reliable and secure web hosting services to its customers as it believes that there are thousands of online hosting companies which provide low performance hosting to customers through oversold servers and outsourced support. Presently, HostHero is serving over 10,000 websites and is focusing on customer satisfaction as its prime organizational objective.

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Hosting Plans:

The basic hosting plan which HostHero offers is a cloud oriented hosting plan which possesses many similarities to shared hosting but there is additional security and some wonderful features as well. Since this hosting plan works on cloud computing concept, it stores the files and data of hosted websites at multiple servers which makes it feasible for the company to offer unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, MySQL databases and FTP accounts. cloud hosting is much secure, faster and enables you to utilize most advanced technology and latest hardware at highly affordable prices.

However, if your requirements are more advanced, you can also choose the VPS hosting plans offered by HostHero where you will also get the flexibility to choose the operating system for your server from Windows and Linux. VPS hosting from HostHero lets you enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting but at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing Concerns:

When we evaluate a web hosting company only on the basis of price of its hosting plans, it might not give us the accurate results. When you are considering the pricing factor, you must always compare the price with the set of features being offered for that price. Some companies, in order to make their plans the least expensive, do not offer the full fledged features. On the other hand, some companies aim to make their plans feature rich like Hosthero. HostHero gives you access to a large number of outstanding features, much higher security of data and unlimited disk space etc. So, when they charge a bit on the higher side, they justify it by giving you customer satisfaction in the form of a responsive support team and cloud environment.

Customer Support:

Customer support is also a vital aspect of Host Hero's service and thus their customer support executives showcase high amount of dedication, vast experience in the industry and great communication skills. HostHero offers customer support through usual support channels like ticket support system, chat and phone. One can contact the customer support team though any of these channels round the clock to get informative replies. Also, if you want to learn on your own, you can access their official website to seek answer to most of your queries. The technical issues that one may face with website are explained in detail with step by step process to sort them out. The best part is that they have not outsourced their customer support services and their entire staff is in-house and hails from Canada only.


HostHero like many of its counterparts offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. The first and foremost objective of HostHero is to achieve customer satisfaction and for achieving this, reliability is a vital aspect. Thus, they use most advanced technologies and make sure that their servers are being monitored round the clock. In order to enhance the level of reliability and security of data, HostHero ensures that redundant back-ups are being taken, generators and other systems are in place, power feeds are there and the data gets an incredible amount of security. This enhances the confidence and reliability of the customers in the company.

Ease of Use:

Since the company gives a lot of importance to its customers, they have also customized their cPanel so that their users find it extremely simple to understand and easy to use. It is highly intuitive and graphical panel, where you would not find any issue in performing any task. This control panel can also be connected with your iPhone and then you can perform the tasks on it from your phone itself.

Bottom Line:

HostHero is evolving as one of best hosting companies with high end hosting servers and world-class hosting services. They believe in quality service, so when you associate with HostHero, you can be rest assured that you will get nothing but the best.


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