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HostMetro has been in business since 2003 and all through this period, it has stuck to its motto of taking good care of its customers. This is aptly reflected in the large number of customer service rewards the business has won. The company does provide a unique range of free tools that comes customized with every package. Their aim has been to “take your hosting to the max” and have consequently designed a couple of site builders that enable the customer to effective build and manage websites, regardless its size. As one of the leading and popular hosting service provider, they have been using the latest in technology, equipment, security features, and have come up with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Hosting Plans:

HostMetro has come up with several top of the line hosting plans. At the most basic levels, they provide unlimited disk space (customers can store ‘n’ number of web files) along with unlimited bandwidth. This is more than enough power and space to get you started online. Along with these important advantages, HostMetro also provides two free options for site builder. This seems to easily facilitate an easy start and effective management of the site as it continues to grow.

The second plan is for customers who look for “Business Max Hosting”. Costing no more than $2.00 per mo, it allows customers hosting unlimited number of domains along with a free SSL certificate. The company will further take care of SEO consultation and submissions for free.

For businesses looking to spread online, HostMetro is a good news as its products support both ecommerce integration and free shopping cart plug-ins that are already integrated with PayPal. While the final choice between these plans depends on the customer’s specific set of needs, they incorporate both general customers and those looking to create a strong marketing platform for themselves. The Ultra Max Hosting Plan is a popular choice among general users and it also comes with full customer support and 45 day money back guarantee.

Pricing Concerns:

Pricing is always the most important factor when it comes to choosing a hosting company. Choosing a hosting plan is like a business investment and one demands the maximum returns. HostMetro seems to of tremendous value in this respect. The plans are perfectly designed to offer the best in the market. Getting so much in just between $2.45 and $3.45 is incredible and certainly highly competitive arrangement. The free features further make them a winner.

Customer Support:

There are many ways in which customers can get in touch with HostMetro experts. The business offers 24/7 telephonic support, plus one can always mail queries. It has been seen that they respond really fast and the support suggestions points out to their extensive knowledge in the field. Apart from these traditional customer support options, HostMetro also has an active presence in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Another option to get connected with their executives is live chat. Within a few clicks, you will get response to questions. It is due to the sheer responsiveness of the customer support that the company has earned the popularity it deserves to boast.


The best measure of a good hosting service is the degree of reliability it provides and HostMetro seems to do quite well in this aspect too. They have always been true to their 99.9% uptime guarantee, even with their basic plan. This is resultant of a well managed back hosting wherein they protect and monitor their network 24x7, and keeping it safe and secure. Their server equipment is the best of its kind and uses the latest in technology. Even with geographically diverse and well guarded data center networks, HostMetro seems to deliver well. Additionally, all customer file getting stored in multiple servers, there is an increase in reliability and data redundancy.

Ease of Usage:

A good customer support is well complimented if the interface itself is easy to use. HostMetro’s industry standard of Cpanel system ensures that there is no inherently complicated management interface. Easy familiarity with the hosting interface allows ease of pressure on the customer support and customers are able to sort out the necessities by themselves. Even new customers and businesses have found HostMetro Cpanel interface quite easy ad with easy option to move files, upload, domain setup, script additions and more.

Overall, if you have been looking for a safe, secure, affordable and advantageous hosting company, HostMetro can easily be the choice. It is a high quality oriented company that has been providing reliable service for more than a decade now and with a wide range of tools and features that facilitate modern competitive markets. With scores of hosting service providers coming up at every instance, the experience and popularity of HostMetro really counts and could be your support into the world of internet.


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