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Hostmonster is one of the oldest and veteran players among all web hosting service providers in America. Initiated in 1996, Hostmonster brings in the experience to facilitate the best in service and at incredible prices. Currently, the packages of Hostmonster are limited to a single hosting solution with options for customization. It seems to be the ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses and personal websites. Hostmonster customer service has won many a awards and is one of the top rated companies in this industry. With the incredible price tag it attaches to, there is little reason to question the popularity of the service.

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Hostmonster has come up with several top of the line hosting plans. At the most basic levels, they provide unlimited disk space (customers can store ‘n’ number of web files) along with unlimited bandwidth. This is more than enough power and space to get you started online. Along with these important advantages, Hostmonster also provides two free options for site builder. This seems to easily facilitate an easy start and effective management of the site as it continues to grow. Along with these advantages, customers get free SSH and SSL certificates. You really don’t get into a contract with Hostmonster but in a relationship.

Pricing Concerns:

Pricing is the single most determinant factors that have leveraged Hostmonster to the popularity it boasts of today. With plans starting just at $4.95 a month, and a long list of features, it has been hard for other companies to beat the competition. Hostmonster plans are designed for a growing setup and one can easily feel comfortable paying for the unlimited free features that it provides. Installation takes just a single click script installation and is accompanied by $100 Google Ad credit for free and a lot more. One can be quite comfortable to get more than what has been bargained for. One of the special features with Hostmonster service is “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” and isn’t something that can be got with other providers. Anytime that you are unsatisfied, customers can ask for a money refund. The moment you ask for, the service is terminated and this is an incredible guarantee.

Uptime and Reliability:

Hostmonster facilitates and guarantees the industry standards of a 99.9% uptime with a further backup by a customized Apache Server run by Quad Opteron processors. All of Hostmonster have 24 x 7 and redundant power backup and don’t run the risk of running slow or a failure. Automatic backups in all data centers in the United States guarantee that you won’t have to compromise with your website ever and that it is totally safe and secure.

Control Panel Administration:

As with the leading web hosting companies, Hostmonster too provides a Cpanel system for its customers. Cpanel has always been revered for its flexibility, security and is easily the most popular choice for web server platform. Customers who look for full control over their websites and related accounts are thoroughly supported by Cpanel. Hostmonster aggravates the advantages by providing easy wizards that enhance the experience of a customer and makes it easier to run through the interface. Every control is made easy – be it email accounts, domains or the other advanced functionality of the backend management.

Customer Support:

It can get problematic if your webhosting service provides fills your package with features but lacks in backend customer support. Customer support quality really matters when it comes to website management. Glitches need to be fixed instantly and so do any errors and confusions. Hostmonster customer support, however, has been one of the most popular solutions in the industry and is an important reason for its sheer number of takers. The Hostmonster service boasts a variety of award winning server platforms that are based throughout the world wherein the ones in Utah and Provo get special mention. The backbone of the solution is the fully trained experts and engineers who are capable of delivering solutions via phone, live chat and emails. One can however claim that the online chat feature of Hostmonster is a bit outdated as per the current standards. This is something that the company should work upon.

Overall, Hostmonster is one of the few service providers who have been true to their promises. There have been several names in the industry that have given up to the tuff competition and there are scores that shut down daily. Being in the industry for more than a couple of decades is something to be proud of and Hostmonster has proven its success with constant popularity. If you are looking for an affordable solution for more than basic set of needs, Hostmonster could be a good option of your behalf. The best thing about them is that they keep promises and this is something where most hosting service providers fail.


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