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In the year 1999, a web hosting company was founded named HostRocket in Clifton Park, NY. This privately owned company provides customers with different kinds of web hosting solutions. This is a company that provides web hosting services to more than 50,000 websites with a variety of different kinds of packages that it has to offer. The charges are affordable and are customized based on the kind of services that is needed by the customer.

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Features and Facilities:

For any company, the review of the services or products that they provide is very essential; it highlights the reasons why a customer should opt to do business with the company. Mentioned below are some of the features or services that they have to offer their customers.

HostRocket Server:

The company takes great pains and effective measures to ensure that the services are up and running, this is essential for the customers whose websites are being hosted by the company. They make it a point to ensure that 99.5% of the times the servers are maintained while it is running. The quality and security measures are as per the standards that set by the industry and are not false claiming.

Customer Service:

Any web hosting company has to have a good customer service and technical support system. HostRocket ensures that the employees working with the company are well versed with the technicalities of the company as well as special training is provided to ensure that the customer gets the best support when they call in or write to them. The customer also has an option to go ahead and speak to a representative of the company when they log on to the official website of the company and opt for the live chat facility. They provide support in the form of live chat, email and phone as well as have a ticket or reference number given to the customer for any future correspondence. They also make it a point that they resolve all the concerns of the customer as soon as possible and make it a point to get back to the customer with a prompt resolution.

Overall Value:

This is a company that would be recommended for all the small sized business that requires web hosting services. The charges for the services are very economical and affordable along with various kinds of benefits given t the customer depending on the kind of package they choose from.

HostrocketReview on no false claims or Promises:

One of the biggest concerns of any customer is the false claims or promises that are made by a company. HostRocket makes it a point not to do such things as they believe in working hard to live up to the positive and good reputation and goodwill they have in the market. Be it the services that are provided, to the support that is needed after sales and even closely monitoring to ensure that the customer gets value for their money. They make it a point not to hide anything from the customer.

Hosting Portfolio:

The company has been provided a variety of products and services to their customers are prices which are reasonable. The customer has an option to choose the package and kind of services that they will need based on the initial conversations they have with the customer. They guide the customer to ensure that they choose the right kind of package that would be beneficial for them.


Thus to conclude, if you are looking out for a web hosting company that provides you with all the best support and features that you need for your web hosting requirements then this is a company that you can opt for blindly as well as trust when it comes to getting value of your hard earned money.


The main data center of HostRocket is structured in such a way that it provides a reliable solution for web hosting needs to more than thousands of clients across the globe. The facility of the company is well equipped with all the latest servers, backup generators and UPS systems in order to compensate in case of any kind of power failure. In order to prevent the overheating of the server, they also have various cooling systems. They also have technicians available onsite 24/7 to ensure that the systems are operating properly and efficiently.


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