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Based in Toronto, Canada, HostUpon has been serving its customer quite well since its inception in 2007. Within a very short span of time, HostUpon has made great reputation in Canadian hosting landscape and has become one of the fastest growing web hosting provider. In order to attract their customers, they offer excellent customer support and dozens of lucrative features apart from reliable hosting. HostUpon relies on advanced technology and cutting edge infrastructure to provide one of the best hosting services to its customers across the continents.

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Hosting Plans:

Though HostUpon offers different shared hosting plans considering the different requisites of websites and customers. But even with the most basic plan they offer such a wide variety of features, few of which are unlimited too, that you'll be completely amazed. Not just unlimited disk space and bandwidth, you also get flexibility to host as many domains as you want under your hosting account. Not only this, but they also offer unlimited FTP accounts, MySQL databases and a 30 days money back guarantee with no-questions asked assurance. Known for their astonishing uptime guarantees and customer support, HostUpon certainly proven their strength in the shared hosting arena.

But, if you are looking for much advanced requirements, you can also opt for their VPS hosting package where you get dozens of extra resources to support the complex requisites of your website. As you get the complete root access, you are free to install as many software programs and scripts as you want. The best part is that HostUpon's VPS plan is highly affordable too.

Pricing Concerns:

There are two hosting plans offered by HostUpon under their shared hosting facility - The Starter Unlimited Plan and the Business Unlimited Plan. Both these plans give you access to unlimited resources like disk space, bandwidth, databases and domains. the only difference between these two plans is that the Business Unlimited Plan comes with a dedicated IP address while the Starter plan is devoid of it. The monthly price for the starter plan is under $8 and if you have a discount coupon, it may reduce the price by upto 50%. The Business and VPS hosting plans are also fairly priced and are quite affordable. All the hosting plans offered by HostUpon give excellent value for the money.

Customer Support:

Whenever you get associated with any web hosting company, your first and foremost concern is the efficiency and responsiveness of their customer support team. Well, when you associate with HostUpon, one thing you can be sure about is their outstanding and rapid support whether its a technical issue or something related with your billing. Their highly dedicated support team is there 24 X 7 and this is one of the reasons it has won so many awards for its outstanding support abilities. Whenever you call them, you'll always get to talk to a friendly, knowledgeable and fast responding person. You can be sure that through their phone line, email support and live chat support, your queries will be responded accurately and promptly. HostUpon certainly possesses a solid foundation and amazing reputation, when it comes to customer and technical support.


HostUpon offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% which certainly is an attractive figure. But when we carried out a deep delved research on their uptime and infrastructure, we found out that they use servers with Quad-Core Xeon processors with SATA II hard drives and an extensive RAM of 16 GB. We also came to know that they use redundancy to ensure that your site stays accessible all the time even if there is some issue with the server. For this, they use RAID 5. These technical specifications are enough to understand that HostUpon is web hosting company which can be relied upon for extensive performance.

Ease of Use:

It really does not matters that how advanced the technical specifications of a web hosting company are, if it is not easy to use. But, when you associate with HostUpon for your web hosting requisites, you realize that though company uses the most advanced infrastructure and top-notch technology, its interface is really simple and easy to use. You would not find it difficult to adapt yourself to the control panel offered by HostUpon as it is a graphics oriented interface. It gives you really simple directions to carry out the day to day management activities. Apart from this, you also get access to several templates and website building tools which too are very simple to use.

Bottom Line:

Overall, if the multiple hosting package options, wonderful array of features, unlimited resources and highly cost-efficient prices are concerned, HostUpon appears to be the perfect hosting partner for your website. The control panel offered by the company is also truly amazing and very easy to use. But, if you own a complex website and are looking for a dedicated hosting plan, this may not be the right company for you.


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