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Web Hosting Hub is a fairly new company that came into existence about a decade back but managed to make a great reputation as it claimed to set up your site in just five minutes. This claim to fame strategy worked quite well in the favour of this company that has been operational since 2001. Basically Web Hosting Hub specializes in hosting blog websites and thus their features target only this particular industry. They only offer a shared hosting plan but they have included dozens of attractive features and unlimited resources in this plan. Another major reason behind their popularity is that the company offers its customers a choice between two data centers which can have significant effects on the performance of a website. The plans are quite cheaper and the services are good. So, if you are looking to set up your site within minutes, you must consider Web Hosting Hub's hosting plans.

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Hosting Plans:

They only have a sole hosting plan which they claim is inclusive of several wonderful features. Unlike the other shared plans, customers are offered unlimited bandwidth and disk storage space. This implies that though you are using a shared server, you would never have to worry about high influxes of traffic and number of files to be stored on the website. With a special price of $3.99 a month, they offer quite striking deal for those who want to host their website with a decent set of basic features. This is a promotional price but their regular price which starts from $4.99 per month is also amazingly lucrative.

You can also opt for more intensive hosting solutions from the company as it also possesses plans for VPS and dedicated hosting for large and resource intensive websites. These plans are offered on a case to case basis, and thus, the price also depends on the services that user chooses to avail. So, if this plan interests you, you can contact the customer support for more details. Some extra features that come with every plan include integration of shopping cart to the website, credit card payment collection and option to add forums & blogs on the site.

Pricing Concerns:

Today, a lot of hosting providers are offering their hosting plans with unlimited resources. So, like other companies, you also get unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, ftp accounts and databases. But, with a minimal price, what you get on the top of these basic features are:

  •  $75 worth of free credit for placing web advertisements on Yahoo, Google Ad Words and Bing
  •  Free domain registration or transfer
  •  Access to world-class site builder and advanced security systems

Customer Support:

While Web Hosting Hub ensures that you never face a serious issue or problem with your website, but unfortunately, if anything of the sort comes up, you can always depend on the customer support for resolving your issues. If you want to contact the customer support team of Web Hosting Hub, the typical options like live chat, email support and phone are available 24 X 7. Also, if you are just starting up and are not sure about where to begin, you can access Web Hosting Hub's official website


Just like many other hosting providers, Web Hosting Hub also offers a guaranteed up-time of 99.9%. Web hosting buzz ensures that your site is backed up regularly and is secure. They also offer a free password protected directories and backup wizard to ensure you further on security and reliability. They keep on upgrading their infrastructure and systems and use only the most up to the minute & fastest servers & other hardware to ensure high performance. They put their system under constant surveillance so that any potential problem can be easily detected and sorted out without causing any interruption in the services.

Ease of Use:

You get access to numerous templates and themes for your website and an easy drag & drop editor helps you to develop an attractive websites within a short span of time. The Control Panel is also easy to work with and it greatly simplifies working with the files, adding new ones and deleting the existing files a very simple task. You can easily check your statistics and perform any management task just by clicking your mouse few times. When you want to install some extra services, scripts or tools, all you need to do is a simple click from your mouse. similarly you can easily add a blog or a forum to your site.

Bottom Line:

For small to medium sized businesses looking for establishing their web presence, Web Hosting Hub provides the easiest way for it. Wordpress amalgamated with an astonishing support, easy website builder and control panel, it seems hard to beat the value they offer and the price they charge for it. Having earned several best value awards, Web Hosting Hub supports WPBeginner users with special discounts.


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