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In this inmotionReview you will get to see why this is one of the best choices for a business to opt for. One of the best ways to have the online presence of the business or services that is offered is by using the services of InMotion hosting. The infrastructure of the company is built on Linux and UNIX and the systems are being monitored 24/7.

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Launch Plan-

This plan is a very economical plan that is offered by the company and is beneficial for those who run a small business. Here you get a reliable email with SPAM filter. You also get to Manage and create email accounts quickly and easily and you can access it anytime and anywhere. You can also go ahead and keep a track of the traffic coming to your website. There are also various tools that are available for visitors to easily send any kind of information to you.

Power Plan-

This is a slightly advanced plan which i offered by the company and is also beneficial for small sized business because of the features and services it offers. In this plan you will get to on your account a maximum of 6 websites that can be hosted. You will also get 50 MYSQL database, you can also get to register a maximum of 26 domains and 100 sub domains additional. The customer will also get the option to choose from any 2 site builders of their choice.

Pro Plan-

This is a all inclusive plan which is perfect for business who need to have different websites. A person can get to save a lot of money in this plan. In this plan a person can get to have 25 websites on their account and unlimited domains can be registered. You will also get 200 MySQL databases as well as FTP accounts which are unlimited.

There are also different other features of the services that are provided by InMotion. The inmotionReview will also let you know the advantages of opting for the services. They are as follows

Different kinds of Packages:

One of the best things is that InMotion offers its customers a choice of different packages like hosting VPS, hosting websites and personal website hosting services. A customer can choose any plan that they want based on their requirements and can upgrade it whenever they want after they have built their website.

A variety of resources:

One of the most important things is to have a variety of resources. While other companies may not provide you this facility, InMotion allows their customers to enhance their resources for a very nominal fee. This also provides them the opportunity to have an effective path to upgrade.

A good Speed:

Another benefit of using this service that the customer gets a good speed. This is essential as this way the website will not be down and the pages load faster. This is very essential for any website because of the number of people that log on to it.

A Trial Period:

In order for the customer to go ahead and opt for the services, the company also provides a trail period to the customer. This is essential as this way they will get to know what kind of benefits there are as well as they will get to see the benefits for themselves.

Good server uptime:

Another important feature that is offered by InMotion is a good server uptime. The main server has to be up and running in order for the customers websites to operate. It is very rare that the server has a downtime. This is essential for any hosting service provider.

Guided consultation services:

The company also provides consultation services so that they can understand what would be beneficial for the customer. The consultation that they provide will also help to understand what the customer actually needs. This is helpful so that the customer can get the services that would be essential for them.

Customized Website Designing:

Another service that is offered by the company is the facility for customized website designing. Based on the service industry that the business represents, they can get a website specially customized for them. This is one of the best parts of opting for this company and is truly a value for the money that they pay for the services.


When a customer chooses a web hosting services, it is just not enough to pay for services, however it is also important that you get the value for the money that you pay. InMotion understands the importance and provides their customers with services which are economical and customized based on the requirements and needs of the customer. Based on the observations they make, they guide the customer accordingly.


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