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By being in operation since 1998, iPage has managed to gain an expert team and has become home to more than 1 million websites worldwide. The company is based in USA but provides its services in more than 150 countries across the continents. Certainly, it is among the top web hosting providers and we do not see this spot dropping in the near future. Since its inception, it has been working to put together a perfect hosting plan which can suit the requisites of a small to medium sized businesses. iPage offers an affordable hosting service which completely suits the needs of online entrepreneurs and new bloggers. But, if you are thinking that to offer affordability iPage compromises on the uptime guarantee, then you are hugely mistaken. This hosting giant offers a minimum of 99% uptime guarantee on all its servers. The key attributes which make the iPage's hosting services irresistible are a wide range of bonuses and freebies on sign-up and an astonishing "Anytime" money back guarantee.

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Hosting Technology:

What you get with iPage is more than mere accessibility. The technical architecture used by the company is world-class and it runs its entire system on superior quality Dell servers which ensure a fast onsite experience and high speed processing. Additionally, by deploying OC-48 connections on different backbones, you can be sure that you will always have more than the required bandwidth to support higher inflows of traffic to your site.

Hosting Plans:

Every aspect of the simple hosting plan offered by iPage is unlimited. By charging a flat monthly rate, you get unlimited domains, MySQL databases, loads of bandwidth and disk-space. Yes, though you get enough of disk space but if you are looking for a guaranteed unlimited space, you may not be completely satisfied by iPage. The company does not specifies that how much disk space they will offer you but they state on their website a large number of their customers use nominal disk space, and if anybody is exceeding that limit, they are probably using the disk space for something, they shouldn't be doing, like, file sharing. Fortunately, a powerful email interface is included in their web hosting service.

Pricing Concerns:

If you are planning to spend money on hosting, you'll certainly look for services that offer the real worth of the money. Even if you are spending only a couple of dollars, you want to be offered with an amazing set of additional features apart from hosting. iPage is one of the service providers that offers an all inclusive hosting plan. The best part with ipage is their feature intensive hosting plan is quite affordable and if we take seasonal offers, specials, & sales into consideration, their prices appear considerably lucrative.

Customer Support:

Online help center and an effective ticketing system are two most prominent aspects of iPage's customer support. They have set up multiple avenues for their customers to reach highly skilled support staff. Any customer who is facing any technical or account related issue can reach iPage through phone line, e-mail or live chat. You will also find apt tutorials and FAQs on the iPage's website from where you can read up the steps to sort out issues and tips for addressing the usual issues. When we conducted a response test, we found the customer support team of iPage knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and quick in responding to a waiting customer.


Whether you are interested in running a personal blog or launching a website for business use, the most significant factor that demands your consideration is the uptime guarantee. You would at least want 99% of uptime guarantee, which seems like a huge figure but if it goes any lower, your site would experience downtime for hours. if your site remains inaccessible for hours, it may ruin your online reputation and may incur losses to your business. But, you need not to worry with iPage as it offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and uses fastest servers with sound technical specifications. They make the information redundant through different servers and iPage also deploys load balancing to ensure reliability.

Building a Site:

Today customers seek more than just hosting. They look out for a comprehensive website building solution. Thus, iPage offers one of the easiest drag and drop site builder in their package along with hundreds of easy to use professional templates and design tools. If you are new to all this, you need not to worry as each phase of website building is accompanied by step by step instructions. It is as easy as browsing a website. Above all, the control panel gives you an easy access to all your statistics and files.

Bottom Line

iPagemay be the right hosting choice for both, amateurs and experienced web professionals. With multitude of features and a reasonable price, iPage becomes your efficient, reliable and affordable hosting partner. They also use green energy for running their servers and thus, is a environment friendly organization too.


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