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IxWebHosting grew from a single private room of one of its founders to a super supplier of premium and affordable hosting solutions internationally. It was established back in the pre-millennial 1999’s and has since achieved tremendous success with more than 100,00 customers spread across the globe. These have been the decades of constant innovation and infrastructural improvement. IxWebHosting has always tried to facilitate the best in technology for all customers. With more than half a million websites running in its servers, its data center has grown up from a small living space to a fully equipped premise of more than 10,000 sq ft. The primary server of IxWebHosting is based at Columbus, Ohio and is one of the leading service providers of shared VPS and Cloud hosting in the United States and with a reputation for quality of service.

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Hosting Plans:

IxWebHosting starter pack as always been labeled as the Expert Plan in the industry. In these times of hard hitting plans, the company offers several benefits with unlimited unrestricted features. Every plan of IxWebHosting includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and number of free domains. The server of IxWebHosting is supported by a 1 GB limit with an extra 2 GB of email storage space and up to 2,500 free accounts. IxWebHosting also offers free SEO benefits including submissions and 2 dedicated IP’s with each of their plans. The subscriber is provided access to all the scripting tools. The Expert Plan can be tried out on a trial basis for free and for a week. If you have subscribed and are unsatisfied with the quality, you are allowed a month’s money back but very few opt for this.

The second plan that IxWebHosting provides is called the Business Plan and additionally includes a larger MySQL database plus increased email storage capacity of 50 GB each.

The last and the most revered plan from IxWebHosting is the ‘Unlimited Pro’ offering promotion to the ‘unlimited’ status. Everything is on demand and for free for as much you need of it. With this, the service provider offers 15 dedicated IP’s and the size of MySQL database is increased up to 10 GB.

Being in business for more than 20 years now, IxWebHosting has expanded beyond expectations and is one of the best Cloud hosting platforms available. Each one of the plans are strong and affordable and run on 8 processor cores on a 2000 GB bandwidth and 4 GB of memory.

Pricing Concerns:

For a company that has expanded quite fast, IxWebHosting have always been impressive with their pricing. This is also an important reason for their huge client base with aplomb. The Expert Plan comes just at $3.95 every month while the Business Plan and Unlimited Pro are both priced at $7.95 per month. It’s a common phenomenon for shared hosting plans to fluctuate their pricing arrangements – being more expensive with shorter contracts and vice versa. As per the present market conditions, the Unlimited Pro plan seems to be of the best value and comes discounted with $12.95 over industry standards.

Each time a customer applied for a plan, extra products (that cost) are added to it by default. It is important that customers uncheck the options before making the payment. There aren’t any more hidden fees associated with IxWebHosting packages.

Customer Support:

IxWebHosting started small but has grown up to leading position in a few years. The company has been able to maintain the best relationship with all its clients and have always cared for the demands. Now, a multinational web hosting service provider, IxWebHosting has always been easily accessible in a variety of mediums. The company has a great knowledgebase in the form of online libraries, video tutorials, manuals and other options for email and telephonic troubleshooting. The executives at the other end of the conversation are trained experts with extensive experience in the hosting industry. One can expect a prompt response from IxWebHosting support staff and every time the solutions have been delivered in an exemplary manner.


IxWebHosting has always been true to their promise of 99.9% uptime guarantee. This ensures that your business platform is offline for even less than an hour every year. The state of the art data center in Ohio eliminates every disasters associated with professional hosting. These people are so confident of their service quality that they offer a week’s free trial and a month’s money back guarantee if you feel dissatisfied with their service.

Ease of Usage:

IxWebHosting delivers upon the standardized Cpanel platform. This has certainly be a robust support system that has been easy to understand and operate upon. Everything has been put forward logically and in a way that it is easy to understand the hosting settings.

If you have been looking for a web hosting solutions that delivers in a affordable price, IxWebHosting is something that you can look forward to.


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