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The web hosting services provided by Netfirms is mainly aimed to serve the small business entities. They provide shared hosting facility to their clients. The disk space offered by them is unlimited so is the bandwidth. There are 1.2 million sites at present that are being hosted by Netfirms. The company was formed in the year 1998 when Thomas Savundra was its CEO. The company was later on purchased by world’s one of the largest hosting companies Endurance International Group in 2011. The company’s operations are mostly US-based.

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Previously, Netfirms provided free hosting, VPS hosting, etc but at present the following plans are offered which are shared hosting services based on Linux. There are broadly three web hosting tariffs provided by Netfirms namely – Plus, Advantage and Business. The plan Plus is the cheapest however, it provides lesser features as compared to the other two plans. Therefore, while you are comparing the plans do consider all other points and not just the price.

The features are dependent on the price of the plan. The higher the price the more are the features provided. However, a common feature provided by Netfirms in all their plans is no limit on the disk space and bandwidth. In the Plus plan, which is the cheapest, you get one domain name. The middle level plan increases the number of free domain names to two. In the highest level plan, which is the most expensive the number of free domain names become five. Thus, the number of free domain name increases at an increasing rate in each higher level plan. The highest level plan also provides SSL certificates to the clients.

Other than these few differences most other features in each of the plans are quite similar. MySQL databases, on the Plus plan are very restricted and so are the FTP accounts. However, they are enough for any small business entity, to which the services of Netfirms is directed. A strange phenomenon is observed in the pricing system for sub-domain any of the plans, and they are not well priced.

Uptime and Downtime:

As per the data given in the Netfirms website, they own their data centers and operate them. There are forty thousand servers in Netfirms’ TheiTier 1 facility. Clustering is there in their servers as a protection against downtime. Further details are not available regarding infrastructure or Netfirms’ technical team.

The fact about uptime is mentioned in Netfirms’ website in all plans given without any specific percentage or figure. Absence of any such figure does not give any specific promise to the clients as to how much uptime they will get on availing any plan. Even their terms of service does not include any specific figures. Thus, there exists no guarantee for uptime.

Technical Support:

All clients are provided 24x7 supports by Netfirms. However, the support is provided with greater importance to the clients of the highly priced plans. The section for press release of the company was not updated for a long time. The updates through the official page on Facebook are also irregular. Replies are given selectively to positive comments. However, negative and critical comments are rather avoided at times. However, on Twitter the replies to the clients’ queries tend to come quite consistently. The technical support team’s base is not clear since, the company does not comment clearly in this regard. However, the toll free number to which clients are required to call for support is of the US, which is though not a concrete proof about its base in the United States.

Media limelight:

Knowing whether a company has ever come into the limelight of the news media helps us to understand whether there is any controversy regarding the company. However, Netfirms’ name could not be traced in any kind of negative press reports. Hence, it can be said that the company is relatively void of controversy.

Control Panel:

From the support portal it could be guessed that Plesk was used as the control panel on Netfirms Web Hosting, as reference of it has been drawn at several places. However, presently nothing as regards to Plesk is mentioned in the company plans. Presently, the control panel used is that of vDesk. However, nothing is said definitively in their plans as to which control panel is used.

Other features:

Beside, one domain name for the basic advantage plan, two for mid-level plus plan and five for business plan Netfirms provides a hundred dollar Google AdWords credit to all new clients. In addition to this, $25 credits for Facebook Ads and Yahoo or Bing is given each. Further, a listing on the is done at no cost. An easy to use site builder is given to the new users for easy site building in no time is also offered by Netfirms. An app installer allows easy installation of apps on the website with just few clicks.

Thus, it would be worthy to mention in this concluding paragraph that though there are many draw backs as to many features of the various plans and misleading pricing plans on the website, anyone willing to get unlimited disk space and bandwidth at cheap rates may opt for Netfirms web hosting plans.


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