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Based in US, Web.com is primarily an online marketing, web design and development company that also provides web hosting services with great efficiency. Since its inception in 1997, Web.com has been serving its customers with a wide array of internet services. While the main objective of Web.com is to help small companies achieve online success with its custom designed websites and web hosting services, it is the hosting partner of many bigger enterprises as well. Web.com achieved the successful mark of 1 million subscribers in 2001 and its quite evident that the company has not slowed down even after a successful history of several acquisitions. By offering an umbrella of internet and online services, Web.com has attracted many customers and is worth your consideration also if you are looking for a reliable web hosting company.

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Hosting Plans:

While many wide-ranging web hosting companies strive to offer a wide array of hosting plans to gain appreciation among customers, simplicity can be a different perspective to achieve in order to win the audience and this is what Web.com has always done. There is one hosting plan which combines an amazing spectrum of many wonderful features like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and easy to use website building tools. You also get the flexibility of choosing the web server's operating system as per your needs. Reliability, astonishing customer support and lucrative prices are some other significant aspects of hosting package offered by Web.com.

Pricing Concerns:

The basic plan offered by Web.com gives you access to nearly every feature that you would require to crate and run a website on a professional web platform. You also have the option to pick up some add-ons from a wide array of business oriented features. But, the hosting packages of Web.com are not the cheapest ones. The package that Web.com offers comes for $11.99 per month with a monthly billing cycle. While this price is considerably higher as compared to some of its counterparts, it is somewhat close to "premium" or "pro" packages which the rivals of the company offer.

Then is a "Business Builder Plan" which aims not only at hosting but also on the need of internet marketing. So, this package also offers search engine and directory submissions which can help you get higher ranks on search engines and generate some initial traffic. For this package, the price is little higher $29 but you also get an additional 30 minute SEO (Search Engine Optimization consultation).

Customer Support:

Having only one plan implies that it is relatively easy to get support as certain complex questions pertaining to the state of your account or website get bypassed. As a result, Web.com does not focuses much on the customer support and are running their customer support centre without the much appreciated online chat functionality. They only offer support through two channels - E-mail and Phone This may be their downside as more than half of the hosting customers are not seasoned web masters and they look for a company with a very helpful and extensive customer support team.


The up-time guarantee that Web.com offers as a market leading figure of 99.99%. Along with this, they seem to attractively put forward the fact that their web hosting packages are comprehensively wind powered. This seems quite impressive when you take into consideration they operate with the help of some of the highly powerful hardware including diesel generators for redundancy protection, strong backups and Cisco routers. It would really require quite a storm to get your website down if is it being hosted by Web.com. The advice and resources section that web.com provides has ample of articles and references about solving some of the simpler issues yourself.

Ease of Use:

One important aspect that Web.com has not underestimated or ignored is "Ease of Use. They offer a very easy to use and intuitive control panel. "Web.com has been able to provide highly understandable and user friendly services and interfaces by sticking on their ground rule, that is, simplicity. On the basis of our experience we found its customer support to be knowledgeable and responsive, and they were always there to help us on the issues where we got stuck.

Bottom Line:

Web.com may not be the perfect host to experienced web masters that need only web hosting but for the small companies who want to develop a professional website with the help of a web development company and then host it, Web.com would be the right companion for them.


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