Windows Hosting

A majority of people use Microsoft Windows n their PCs. So, they are aware with the basic working of the Windows powered systems. Microsoft also develops professional operating systems for powering huge servers and one of the early server OS that gained popularity in 1990s was Windows NT. After that, Microsoft introduced many server OSs. The two OSs which became exceedingly popular are Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and these are the OSs which are being used by a majority of hosting companies.

So Windows based hosting simply refers to a site being hosted on a server that possesses Windows as its operating system. There are numerous advantages of Windows hosting but there are some downsides as well. First, the system is entirely proprietary, so you may find difficulty in installing third-party software and applications. Secondly, some hosting companies may charge additional fee as the ancillary software is quite expensive to purchase and maintain.

Other advantages of Windows Web Hosting

Apart from the above mentioned major advantages, there are some other benefits that Windows based hosting offers to its users. These benefits make Windows based hosting quite powerful, scalable & better choice as compared to its open source counterpart Linux hosting.

  • Microsoft maintains its Windows server operating system time to time. So, in the event of any issue, the customers can not jus access customer support centre operated by their hosting company but can also take support directly from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft develops most of its applications to be business friendly. These business centered applications require comprehensive communications and operations software.
  • The biggest advantages of Windows over Linux is the ease of use and simple interfaces. The fact that Linux majorly operates from command line make it little difficult for the ones who are not well-versed with its commands. But Windows operates from an easy to use graphical interface which makes it advantages for both personal & professional use.

Target Markets

Linux web hosting is relatively cost effective as compared to Windows based hosting and thus many small companies & blog owners prefer Linux as their hosting server OS. On the other hand, Windows based hosting is primarily preferred by big enterprises owning complex websites. The ones whose subscribers have Windows software requisites, like support for MySQL databases and .NET & ASP scripting languages.

Also, many of the Microsoft software are compatible only with Windows OS, so companies which use those software in their companies always prefer to choose Windows based hosting.

Support to several frameworks and scripting languages

Windows gives the flexibility to use various application frameworks and scripting languages. These include two most popular frameworks of Microsoft ASP and .NET. Microsoft's .NET is not just capable of optimizing all the available resources on the windows server but it can be integrated with different scripts and applications which have been written in other developer languages like Ruby and PHP.

MySQL and MS Access Databases

A prominent advantage of choosing Windows based hosting is the Microsoft databases work easily on Windows based server. Databases are one of the most important requisites of websites and scalability of Microsoft MySQL databases is commendable. You can use these to hold smaller amount of records and for very complex databases as well that hold millions of records. Another advantage is for the websites that receive high influxes of data. Microsoft databases have the property of processing high volume of records very fast and thus, these perfectly suit the websites where incoming traffic is towering. Another advantage of opting for Windows hosting is, the customers who find Microsoft MySQL too complex, get the flexibility of using a simpler database - Microsoft Access. This is basically a desktop application but if required, it can easily be integrated into the Windows hosting.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange server is one of the most popular enterprise collaboration of Microsoft that gives the facility of communication to the employees of an organization through internal mailing network. But the only issue with Microsoft Exchange Server is that it cannot be used on shared hosting, it either requires VPS hosting environment or the dedicated one to be functional.

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