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Ever since Yahoo’s foundation in 1994 it has established itself as one of the IT giants in this age of internet and computers. It has its registered office in Sunnyvale, CA of the United States. The company’s chairman Alfred Amoroso was at Rovio, erstwhile Macrovision at the same post. The present CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer was under the employment of Google previously. Yahoo Web Hosting is a sub-division of this IT giant. The target market for the subsidiary includes the individuals and small businesses. Though Geocities launched in 1999 to cater larger business groups but due to non-performance it was closed ten years after establishment. The company entirely restructured in the month of June in 2012, the time when Rich Riley the head vacated his office.

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Tariffs from Yahoo Web Hosting:

Yahoo’s subsidiary Yahoo Web Hosting provides shared hosting services. The numbers of products that Yahoo Web Hosting has to offer are too little but there are a lot of tariffs from which one can select. There are many bonus and introductory offers for the clients. The basic plan is though recommended for the single users for personal purpose the other tariffs are mainly aimed at serving the small business entities. Due to resource concerns the large business houses are not allowed to use the services of the Yahoo Web Hosting.

Basic Plan-

The basic web hosting plan from YahooWebHosting offers a single domain, which is more often the best suited for non-commercial purposes of individual users. However, business entities requiring not more than one domain may also opt for this plan because it provides 250 email addresses. Further, a site builder helps easy site construction if the site is of less than ten pages. The 100 GB disk space along with a 1000GB bandwidth is mostly more than enough for all personal purposes. The only drawback of this plan is that the user would not be able to use any kind of site builder like Dreamweaver support, PHP, WordPress, FTP, MySQL, etc except the own site builder of Yahoo Web Hosting.

Advanced Plan-

This plan overcomes the drawbacks of the Basic Plan while making improvements to the plan. The upper limits are increased from that in the Basic Plan. Moreover, the major drawback of not being able to use any kind of site builder tool has been lifted in this plan. Thus, it makes easier for web builders to use third party website building tools. Furthermore, if you require making programs for the site you can do that using scripts compatible with Linux. The bandwidth in this plan is raised to 5000 GB from the 1000 GB limit of the basic plan. The 100 GB disk space of basic plan has been increased to 500 GB in this plan. If you are comfortable with the Yahoo Web Hosting site builder then in this plan you can use it without any limitation on the number of pages. On using the site builder of Yahoo Web Hosting you would be able to get a desktop designing tool, though it is restricted to the Windows users only. You would be able to use shared SSL with this Advanced Plan.

Premier Plan-

A stepping up a little more the Premier Plan is an improvement to the advanced plan. There remains no bar as to the disk space that can be used in the Premier Plan. The number of email addresses that you may get with this plan is four times that you can get with the Basic Plan, i.e. a thousand email addresses. You will be able to use the features of the other plans such along with registration of private domain name.

Payment option:

The payment method used for any of the plans mentioned above is either using your PayPal account or credit card. As default the payment option is made for the entire term of service. However, you can also choose to pay in monthly instalments. When you select the cheaper plan of 3-year term you get billed for entire amount straightaway. Now, when the first term is over Yahoo Web Hosting renews your plan automatically and your account gets debited for the plan amount.

Hosting Uptime and Downtime:

The next important thing you would like to enquire about would be the uptime and downtime. Like most other web hosting service providers, Yahoo Web Hosting claims to provide 99.9% uptime. Though, in case of any downtime the Basic Plan users get no backup. The other two plans – advanced and premium however, gives backup facility in such situation. No concrete data is available about the uptime of Yahoo Web Hosting. Moreover, they have not published as to where their servers are located.


The web hosting plans provided by Yahoo Web Hosting are excellent for small businesses and personal webpage owners. The plans with higher price come with more features and higher limits. Therefore, you would be able to choose your plan according to your requirements and availability of fund.


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